Boer X Nubian, healthy, one scur, just bred our two does this summer, Must have at least one other goat if keeping as a pet. Must be able to transport him.He has free ranged on lush pasture, grainhay, great for clearing brush, strong stomach
I have several baby goats for sale boys and girls, girls are 200.00 the boys 150.00 I have one baby buckling with blue eyes 200.00 or will trade for another buckling with blue eyes for breeding purposes ready to make someone a Easter Surprise call or text
One buck and two doe for sale. Very friendly. Debuted, first shots and born on 2519.Doe$175 Buck$125Father and mother on site.Please call between 4-8pm
Mama is 14 Saanen 34 Nigerian, bred to registered Nigerian buck. Babies will be two months early May. Saanen lines are Spinning Spider. Babies are $125ea or $200 for both. Dam is $200. $300 for all.
We have several calf hutches for sale. They also work well for goats, sheep, chickens with a roost inside, etc. They will also work well for a shelter while hunting, a playhouse for children, and many other uses.We have a couple Polydome hutches that are 6 feet in diameter and are 41 high at the sides and 59 in the center.They show some wear and have been repaired to strengthen them, but all ha...
Nigerian dwarf goats for sale. Some are blue eyed and some are brown eyed but they have dominate blue eye gene. I have 4 boys, the blue eyed ones are 135$ the brown eyed ones are 125$ I have an older blue eyed male that is not banded he is tamed 175$. I have 3 baby females 160 for blue eyes and 150 for brown. I also have for sale two older females that are Nigerian dwarfs. One is blued eyed, ta...
Registered Pygmy baby goats for sale. Born March 16. Two males and one female. Accepting deposits. Males $250.00 and female $300.00. All are black with white around ears. Unregistered male and female also available.

Baby goats

Bottle baby goats 1 week old doing great on the bottle3 alpine bucklings1 alpine toggenberg cross buckling1 alpine toggenberg doelingThese kids will improve your herd all moms are gallon a day milkers They make great pets companions brush clearers
male goat 3 years old still in tack still breeding I dont want him to breed his kids thats the only reason I need to get rid of him he throws Twins and triplets and quadruplets and sometimes quintuplets
Pygmy goatsKids, born March 14th Buckling blackwhitegrey $150 Doeling white $200May go as bottle babies are being dam raised or at weaning. Dam 4 years $200 May go with kids for reduced price, or once kids are sold or weaned
I can disbud your goat kids. $10 each. You need to bring them between 3 days and 2 weeks old depending on size and sex for best results.
Moving, and cant take it with us. This is a very large spreader - 5 quart oil container for size reference.ThanksTAGS leaf vac, lawn vac, lawn vacuum, lawn vacum, leave vac, leave vacuum, leaf vacum, leaf blower, riding mower, push mower, leaves, leaf removal, agri-fab, cyclone rake, billy goat, DR Leaf, DR, trac vac, tracvac, agri-fab, agri fab, agrifab
LGD for sale. Beautiful, male, neutered Anatolian Shepherd. Good with goats. Must have acreage andor adequate fencing. Price is negotiable. Contact seller for additional information.
Grass-Fed Meat lambs, No Antibiotics or Hormones for sale I have a few have left if interested let me know text or call 000- Available 4 Lambs and 1 Goat 120lbs - 140 lbs Note Free to see the slaughter
Great trailer for small to mid size livestock. I have used for Alpacas, Goats, Pigs, Donkeys and mini Horses. Overall dimensions 14ft x 6.5ft Tandem axle. Electric brakes. Tires are in excellent condition. 4 sliding windows with screens. Dual rear doors with lock open latches. 2nd set of dual rear interior locking doors. Additional set of interior dual locking divider doors which are removable ...
Purebred American-Saanen buckling born March 7, 2019Promises to be sweet and gentle, in your pocket just like his papa. Super cute, great confirmation. He will own your heart Disbudded, tattooed, and healthy. From small CAE-free herd.Both parents are registered with American Dairy Goat Assoc.All papers needed for registering the buckling will be providedat the time of sale and pick-up.SIRE Jess...
Want to go on vacation or need a weekend away, but dont have anyone to care for your farm Then Im your gal I have grown up on a farm my whole life and have been farm sitting others farms for seven years. On my farm I have owned cattle, horses, sheep, goats, hogs, all types of poultry, rabbits, and LGDs along with many cats, because what farm doesnt have cats I have also worked with all of these...