Free Standing Trees - You Cut Down and Take AwayI have 4 total trees for anyone to cut down and haul away. DO NOT CONTACT QUOTE ME A PRICE. No money will exchange hands. If you want the trees, you take them down and use them how you wish. I have 3 large oak trees and 1 large beech tree in the front yard 30-40, see pics. All are right off the street, so once they are down, it should be easy to l...
Free piano. Really beautiful sound. Needs a tune up bc a few of the keys are jammed. Also, most of the plastic key covers need to be replaced this is very cheap and easy to do. You will need 3-4 strong persons to carry this thing out of here. Very heavy Easy access to the door though first come first serve, I cannot hold.
I have quite a few baby teenage guppies. There about a half an inch long, very pretty colors. So if your looking for some fish for your tropical freshwater tank text me, saves you paying 4$ for 1 at the petstore
Free toilet in good working order. Will be available Sunday at noon. First person to confirm via e-mail gets first dibs. Next person in line thereafter gets dibs if 1 doesnt show up.
Old refrigerator.freezer works but the main refrigerator will turn on but its not getting cold.also needs pick up.Email if interested.
Frameless glass mirror, 36.5 x 39 , can be mounted either way. No hanging required - includes two upper retaining clips, mirror rests on vanity, cabinet or table counter top. $35 or FREE trade for help with taking down a ceiling fan or blowing leaves off my little roof Please email, call or text msg for details -- Five40-Nine03-Five424.
Remodeling. Free Tube TV, works like new, great picture, has remotes. Not too heavy. This is not a modern flatscreen, but a tube TV. Still though, it has a great picture. Get in time for todays Super Bowl Free and I can help get in your vehicle. TextSevenOH3three34Won3ATEwon
I have 2 faux leather couches that are delaminated peeled surface skin but otherwise in usable condition. Leather and vinyl repair kit may cure peeled surface skin condition. Free for the taking. Must pick up yourself - no delivery service. I am located in NOVA Woodbridge community. Please text me if interested at and I will call back.