18-Aug-2018Spotsylvania, VA +11 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a free standing basketball hoop for my teenagers.
18-Aug-2018Spotsylvania, VA +11 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a free standing basketball hoop for my teenagers.
17-Aug-2018Stafford, VA +8 milesItems Wanted
family of 6 needs good running vehicle.
14-Aug-2018Stafford, VA +8 milesItems Wanted
I moved into a townhouse and realized the dryer in the house doesn't spin. I need a dryer desperately if someone has one to give. Thank you!
14-Aug-2018Stafford, VA +8 milesItems Wanted
working microwave wanted. Thank you!
11-Aug-2018King George, VA +19 milesItems Wanted
Looking for large fish tanks that may be crowding your basement or garage. Trying my hand at overwintering aquatic plants. Thanks!
10-Aug-2018Spotsylvania, VA +11 milesItems Wanted
My nieces start school Monday and their mother has been incarcerated they are not prepared and I was not prepared to be taking them in. Any help would be appreciated. The girls are 11 and 12 years old
2-Aug-2018Spotsylvania, VA +11 milesItems Wanted
Need a twin mattress for daughter. Donated her bed and new bed comes tomorrow.
28-Jul-2018King George, VA +19 milesItems Wanted
sleeping on a borrowed air mattress but I have a frame, I just need queen sized mattress set
10-Jul-2018Stafford, VA +8 milesItems Wanted
I'm collecting broken umbrellas to use the fabric for crafting and sewing, and the frames for trellises, gardening, and more crafting.
10-Jul-2018Stafford, VA +8 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a wheat grinder. Thank you!!
8-Jul-2018Spotsylvania, VA +11 milesItems Wanted
Need several metal bed frames for a project. Doesn't matter if wheels missing, rusted,etc. Angle iron will work too ( about 1 1/2" variety ). Will not be sold for scrap, I will really repurpose them.
25-Jun-2018Stafford, VA +8 milesItems Wanted
I am almost 6 months pregnant and looking for nursing bras and maternity swimsuits asap! Swim suits in size small and bras in size 32B. Thank you in advance!
25-Jun-2018Stafford, VA +8 milesItems Wanted
We are looking for a 3rd row suv in good running condition. We have a 2001 jeep grand cherokee we are willing to trade for it, it runs great and has current inspection and maintenance.
25-Jun-2018Stafford, VA +8 milesItems Wanted
looking for tubes that I can use in the river, any size shape or color.
25-Jun-2018Stafford, VA +8 milesItems Wanted
My daughter has been asking for a playhouse for months now, she really wants a pink one but they don t sell many and the one she really wants is simply too expensive so we were thinking we could repaint another one to make it resemble the one she really wants. If you have a plastic playhouse you would be willing to let us have to repaint, we would be so greatly appreciative! thank you.
24-Jun-2018King George, VA +19 milesItems Wanted
is anyone going through their plants to spread out and have some they don't need?
11-Jun-2018King George, VA +19 milesItems Wanted
Looking for unwanted craft supplies for making home decor, jewelry, etc
11-Jun-2018King George, VA +19 milesItems Wanted
Had to move had to move had to leave beds so I'm looking for beds
4-Jun-2018Stafford, VA +8 milesItems Wanted
Basketballs needed for a vacation bible school painting project. Used are fine as long as they have some tread left on them.
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